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25 July 2006



Sure it's boring, but you don't have to wear earplugs. In our city people watch cars go around in a circle and lose their hearing.

Of all the comments on the human condition putting down people for their interests is pretty petty. If you want to put down those who ONLY watch ESPN and watch ANYTHING on ESPN, that's another thing.

Some places people spend hours alone at the computer tring to communciate. They write(usually insightful) blogs, sending them out in the hope that someone is reading. That is certainly a fundamental change in our world, and some might consider it tragic.

Jim Brodhead

Interesting comment with good points. Thanks! The point of my posting was really about the "ESPN culture" which I tried satirizing by my close having to do with my recording the "World Series of Darts" part at the end. That was not as clear as I intended I suppose. And for what it's worth, even as a resident of the south I do not comprehend the charm of NASCAR or any other auto racing for that matter.

As for the part having to do with people's interests, it wasn't meant to be a personal put down in any way so much as a satirical commentary on what might be termed a human foible. Some of my best friends watch golf on TV. I would rather watch Jello set up in the fridge but since the light goes out when you close the door it's tough to televise that.

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