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09 May 2006


Uncle Jack

Have you thought about making your own tuna fish sandwich, Jim? Not only would it be done right(?)but it would cost less than half as much as you're paying Einstein's for an inferior product.
Think of what you could do with all the money you could save. Ask your Mom.

Jim Brodhead

Oh, good! Now I have a headache...from dope slapping myself for not thinking of that. Maybe I could even parlay that savings into enough coin to move to the Outer Banks and invent a way to keep sand in place...hmmm...

UJ, your wisdom is truly awesome to behold. Thanks for checking in... ;-)

OK, the rest of I used a smiley face...get over it.



I've had one of those days before. Not your day, but the guy behind the counter. Poor guy. He was probably ready for a 6 pack or 2 when he got off work.

It makes you feel like the biggest dumb ass in the world when you do stuff like that.

Of course, that doesn't keep me from getting pissed off when it happens to me.


I have to assume that one's IQ doesn't come in to play when being considered for employment with Einstein Bros. Ironic, don't you think?

Daughter Ruth



To Uncle Jack...No offense to Mom (seeing how it's mother's day this weekend), but there's something really attractive about NOT having to fix your own lunch, especially for single folks who fix most of their meals alone. Not to mention the comraderie of a daily meal break with other "regulars." Having spent lots and lots of time with Jim over countless "inferior" store-bought sandwiches, I support him whole wheat, ah heartedly, in buying that daily sandwich!

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