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19 May 2006



This was great Jim.

You are Linked!


This comment from Terri via e-mail.

"I absolutely enjoyed it. I can appreciate the good citizenship on the airplane because I adopt the same attitude to buy good will of the fates. Upon any flight I become this crazed, anti-social, raging lunatic that says please and thank you to every annoyance possible, all the while smiling a nice little polite how do you do. If it was known, my true feelings airborne, I am sure I would never pass through a security gate again. Good thing our nations leaders haven't been able to invade that personal space or I would be taking many road trips. Hope you are well,"


Now I understand the REAL reason you won't watch "Lost"!


I absolutely love the term, "heathen hour" Jim. I'm so stealing it. The last time I flew out of LA, we had to be at the airport at 4:00 A.M. Oh, and I suddenly become religious when flying. I even have this little prayer I say inside my head: "Angels, angels, all around. Easy up and gently down." Silly, huh?

Thanks for the great story. Your place on the blogroll has been long overdue, but you're in row 16, right be the window for the best view. ;-)


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