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28 April 2006



Jim, my Grandmother raised my sister and me. She too had an electric stove AND a wood stove! Mighty good fried chicken came off that ol' stove and the big cast iron skillet she used! (Fried in bacon grease....back then we didn't count colesterol!)

Anyway, that was a great story you shared. I so can relate to it all! The dark and evil, the trek to the outhouse, AND the woodstove! Even the 1 light bulb!!!

In the winter, my little sister and I used to open up the wood stove oven, sit on a chair, prop our feet on the oven door and "warm" while we "waited" for G'ma to fix our breakfast! Those were the days, yes, they were!



Jim, It didn't really hit me until just now how truely OLD you are. Out houses? HE HE

Jim Brodhead

Yep Nikk, old I old in fact that I remember not only outhouses but ice cream trucks...with bells on them! And I am not afraid of them

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