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27 March 2006


Daughter Ruth

That really sucks about the cat. Hopefully he is fine and I think not knowing is better.

Remember that time I hit a possum one night coming home from a soccer game in high school?? Oh I was so upset!

On the other hand I can't believe you slow down for squirrels!
hugs and love


I brake for all things furry as well but they do not brake for me. I thankfully have never hit a cat. I have squished 1 possum, 2 racoons, 3 birds, and very unfortunately a dog. But never, never, never a kitty. When I was about 11 or so, my mother and I spent the summer up in Manassas and one of her friends saw a squished kitty on the side of the road - and the term "Bent Kitty" was born.


You know how football players keep those stickers on their helmets as they rack up sacks? If my car were a football helmet I'd have 2 squirrels, 1 opossum, 1 squirrel, and a raccoon sticker on the side of my door. I cried each time. Well, not for the squirrel. He made it all the way across in front of me and then, inexplicably, ran back into my tire. I think maybe he'd just had enough of this nutty life.

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