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05 January 2006



That is, unfortunately the way it generally goes. Sadly we often forget how fragile life is, and that sometimes those distracted nods, and answer may be our last with the person we are too distracted to see.

Your tribute of her memory and what impact she made on your life is outstanding. Maybe now you will honor her memory even more by following her wishes when she was alive and present in your life by writing more.

You really should, you know.

Alain Jourdier


Your heartfelt tribute does Charlotte a great memorial and a strong reminder that death often catches us or those around us when we least expect it. Thanks for sharing that part of your life.



I agree with both comments posted on this - especially Susan's observation about your writing.

This was a very special piece and tribute you wrote.

I enjoyed reading it so much that I shared it with friends and family.

Presence said it so well....a great reminder to those who read it to "be in the moment" and to appreciate "the moments".


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