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18 September 2006



*sigh* this is why i'm glad that i moved a lot as a kid. i'm not attached to places or, really, many people.

sorry to hear about your mom. that's a bummer.

Jim Brodhead

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kat. Good point about the moving around. We moved a lot too but I suppose I am just too much of a sentimentalist to not have memories, even some good ones of every place we lived from Southwest Virginia to Central Texas to Northern Utah to upstate New York to southeast Georgia. And I have since been back to visit see every one of the houses. The thing is though that my Grandmother's house was always the anchor in a way, the homeport. We moved there after my parents split up when I was about 6.

Oddly, after living here in Fredericksburg for 33 years my feet are getting itchy. For example I would give a bag of new marbles to be able to move to someplace like Southern California. Yeah, I know it's nuts out there but after visiting a buddy who lives near Temecula I was totally taken with the look of the place and the variety of it. Only thing I didn't get excited about was the traffic, cost of living and the cold ass water in the Pacific ocean. We drove down by Daba Point one day and I was determined to take a plunge into the "other ocean". People were all over the beach there but no one in the water the reason for which was immediately clarified as soon as my foot touched it.

Here, down on the Outer Banks of North Carolina we get water temps in the summer in the mid 70's. Aaaargh! That water out there was cold enough to mix with bourbon. There was that annoying salt thing going on though.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and come by again if you would like to. Any blogger worth their salt (or not) lives for intelligent and perceptive commntary. I write three of them and it's really great to have some input to play off of.

Nikki says you are cool and I have read a good bit of your cyber homiletics and your views are refreshingly in touch with the third rail.

If I get back to SoCal anytime maybe we can meet over a coffee or a glass of Two Buck Chuck.

God, wouldn't it be embarassing if you are not the Kat I think I am writing back to?

If not, just accept this as the addled ramblings of an old fart looking at his 61st coming up in a couple of days. Thanks again!


'twas me. yes i'm nikki's religious beer-drinking partner in crime.

in my family we get itchy feet every 5-6 years and proceed to move across the country again. where in upstate ny were you? i graduated from hs just south of utica. such beautiful country. ah, i miss it. but you live near the outer banks? we vacationed there maybe a decade ago and it was so lovely. i just loved all the jelly fish i could see from the ferries. i rather find riding on ferries to be a religious experience. can't explain that one.

anyhow, i am in socal, but it's a lot more like colorado specifically where i am, so we can avoid the traffic and weirdos unless they're up here on holiday. if you do get out here again coffee sounds good, but i don't drink two buck chuck. living next to wine country with the rest of the family there has given me tastes that i can't afford. the lowest i go anymore is ravenswood.

you write three blogs?


I too moved around a lot as a kid. Now I wish that my childhood could have been more stable, having fond memories of a childhood home, having people that I have known since childhood, graduating together - I see this is my husband, I saw it in my ex-boyfriend, and hearing of their past, seeing friends they grew up makes one feel lacking.

Sorry to hear about your mom, how is she doing?

Pam - in Richmond

Jim, I haven't been "reading" much lately on the blog sites - too swamped at work - and too tired by the time I get home - ha ha.

Anyway, this morning I am CATCHING up.

I don't know if you remember me or not. We have emailed before -

Anyway, I too am very sentimental. My grandmother raised my sister and I in the same home where she raised 5 children, mostly on her own, my dad being one.

I moved to Virginia in 1970 - was only 20 years old - had NEVER been anywhere in my life - and I was so homesick for my family - mostly my g'ma! It took me a very long time to get over longing for "home" -

When my grandmother went into a nursing home at age 95 - "they" sold her home. Of course, being in Virginia, I was the last to know about the plans - (not that they needed my permission or opinion mind you), but I can still remember the "hollow" feeling I felt knowing it was "sold". Luckily, they sold it to a family friend, so the first time I went back to Wyoming to visit - I went for a visit to the homeplace. The gentleman I visited was honored I came - and it felt good to be in the house 1 more time.

Everytime I go back - I drive by. Someone else owns it now - so no visiting --- however, it still warms my soul to drive by.

It has changed quite a bit - but the memories are still the same!

I enjoy reading all your writings. I hope to keep up better now that the crunch is "over" at the office!


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