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11 August 2006



Hilarious, Jim! Reminds me of my very short stint at GEICO where I was informed by a 13-year senior employee while attending my orientation that she was allowed six minutes to use the bathroom. I thought this odd, but stated I felt I could probably "do my business" in six minutes until she corrected me and said that was what was allowed for her entire shift! And Big Brother keeps accurate track over there because workers must log in and off their headsets. I resigned after four days of "orientation."After all, what does one have to look forward to if she only had six minutes after 13 years of tenure? Hilarious? I think not!

World Peace Religion

What happens if you take 40?


How, exactly, did they determine the average student needs only 39 annual bathroom trips? Was there some argument between 38 and 39? Did they do scientific studies to come up with that number?

What an idiotic plan!


Lets just get some more rules to make these kids break. Holy cow...what if one of them has a severe case of the poohs? What about gals with their monthlies? Geesh!

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