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02 August 2006


Uncle Jack

Proustian, Jim. Enjoyed it. U.J.


What a great post Jim.

I don't remember Fizzies, but they sound like just the thing for kids.

Great post.


Wow! This takes me back. I hadn't thought about Fizzies in YEARS. Guess it shows my age, but I do indeed remember them! My mother and two of my brothers took a car trip from Washington state to Eastern Canada to join my father at his new job. Must have been 1957 or so. Your post makes me recall other back-seat travel games like "I Spy", "20 Questions" and "collecting" different state license plates or makes of cars to pass the time. Sometimes my mother would make a list of roadside things to collect, kind of like a scavenger hunt, to keep us occupied. Great post, Jim! Thanks for the memories.

Ruth Barrow

Aaahhh, I do love it when you write about when we were growing up. Do you remember that you father called soft drinks "belly wash"? Not only did your mother tell me many of these stories years ago when we were for a time related by marriage, but I lived some of them myself.

In the mid 1950's my grandparents had moved to Florida and each summer we would make the long trip from Atlanta down the newly constructed I-75 interstate to visit them. I-75 was mostly made up of red clay and large earth moving Caterpillars so it was hot and dusty. We had a huge black Ford station wagon with red interior. Daddy would put a broom stick across the open tailgate window so we could not lean out the back. We called that prized rear section of the car the "way back" and fought over whose turn it was to get to ride back there since the seat was folded down and you could stretch out to read. The middle seat had a strip of masking tape dividing it into equal halves in an attempt to keep us from whining that "she touched me", "she's looking at me", or "she's on my side".

We did not have Fizzies - we had Life Savers. Daddy always carried a tube of the Pep-O-Mint flavor and he doled them out in much the same fashion as your mother and her Fizzies. Daddy was always good on these long trips to let us stop at the local Dairy Queen and get a chocolate dipped cone as a special treat and maybe even a pack of cherry flavored Life Savers. What should be done with that circle of candy - suck on it or crunch it up?

We played the same license plate and alphabet games you all did and we sung row, row, row your boat in rounds hundreds of times. As we tired of the games and songs we would naturally begin to ask how much longer til we get there... after several warnings from dear old dad he fined us a quarter each time we asked.

I much prefer these kinds of memories to the silence from the back seat of those head setted younguns. I may not allow my grandchildren to have a DVD player when they ride in the car with me on trips.

Thanks again for the great memories of long hot summers,


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