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13 July 2006



haha, too funny. You'll get no sympathy from me on that shoulder injury...and you know what they say - pride goeth before the fall and Humpty Dumpty did break his head cuz it was so big when he fell off the wall!

Congratulations though!

Whens your first post?


I'll bet I can get your head to shrink back down to "it's" normal size quicker than you thought by pointing out that the word "its" in that sentence should not have an apostrophe. Smart ass, aren't I? Seriously, though, Jim, congratulations! I never thought I'd enjoy reading a blog until I started looking at yours. So go ahead and give yourself that well-deserved pat on the back. Cheers!

Jim Brodhead

Susan and Jane, thanks for the thoughts and the kind words. My head has already shrunk a lot as I contemplate the challenge of putting out quality material in yet a 3rd blog. Thanks too for the "heads up" on the runaway apostrophe. Some punctuation issues continue to escape detection despite my good intentions.

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