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15 December 2005



While I understand the concept that blogs are popping up everywhere, it is the fact that most blogs are started and then dropped weeks, and months after because the person loses interest and decides that it isn't something that they are really interested in keeping up.

There is also the fact that blogging has changed from what it was at one point in time - blogs used to be for the typical person who wrote their thoughts and interests out in what was actually an online journal, before the advent of "blogging", many of us used the same software that is now used in the blogging world...and my point is, tons of blogs promote their political views, world news, and other such stuff that a lot of people really are not interested in...even companies are now using blog software to update employees...

I guess those are the types of blogs that I wouldn't read on a daily occasion, I like the more personal approach.

If this comment seems distracted...blame my husband, he was talking to me in mid-thought! =)

Jim Brodhead

Thanks for the elaboration, Susan. Your points are interesting ones and expecially so in that they underline the broad range of reasons for blogging. Now that you mention it, I am wondering what the drop out rate was when blogs were in fact more oriented towards the personal journal.

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